SoLaSi Music was created to gather and nurture music and art arising from the search for Truth, Justice and Love. It is the brain child of master percussionist and multi-instrumentalist, Zunelvis Fonseca Calvo, who was born and trained in Havana, Cuba.

In music, as in all life, Harmony, by its very nature, is beautiful; it requires the coming together and cooperation of the separate into one: one purpose, one heart, one love.

For a harmony to be, the aim of the several has to be unity: the One Song composed of many voices. SoLaSi Music aims and intends to achieve the Song of Songs: the Song of Unity, Justice, Truth and Love. Towards that end, all musicians and artists of like mind are welcome to contribute, but most importantly, to collaborate towards this highest of goals.

Like bees in the hive, serving the One Queen of love, we work to produce the sweet honey of Truth.