I need no interpolator
between me and the creator
no priest no man 
no government no clan
no statue no tree
no beast of land or sea
no prophet no teacher
no guru no preacher
in this affair of dust and air
no interceder is my pair
for I am made of by and for
the love forever at my door
it is my source and I its child
it loves me most when free and wild
it's mine and I its sacred glory 
it's love who wrote this ancient story.

You are as if you don't exist

moonlight shining through the mist

What is your essence what is your core?

Are you of ocean or from the shore?

Are you your body, thoughts or sound?

Are you lost or are you found?

Are you real or are you fake

Are you icing or the cake?

Are you flesh are you ether?

a piccolo or a drum repeater?

Are you numerous or just a few

Are you ancient or are you new?

Are you gluttony or are you charity

Are you the same or disparity?

Are you a volcano which lava sputters

Or the air which moves when a butterfly flutters?

The heart of the Universe

It's eyes to see?

Or the thief atop the sycamore tree?

Quietly, slowly climbing high

Towards the sun and deep blue sky

So high so high where birds do fly

Where the sparrow makes her dusty nest

And robin puffs her crimson chest

Where a glimpse of Grace makes you believe

You are what you can't conceive

Who are you? 

these thoughts of glory?

A dance, a song, a bed-time story?

Where will you be when the story ends?

A memory in the minds of friends?

A legend a myth

or a tale that was true?

Whatever it be

will it be you?

You are as if you dont exist

So drink a cup and don't resist... (Vancouver, 2014)