Zion Fyah is a singer-songwriter, poet, lawyer and leader of the Vancouver Roots band " I'Land". Together, they have performed internationally and locally in many festivals and venues including: repeat appearances at the Hollywood Whiskey a GoGo; Hollywood House of Blues; Anaheim House of Blues; Casa Amarillo, Havana; Radio Havana; Fresa y Chocolate, Havana; Sala Atril, Havana; Ralak Festival, North Carolina; Grafton Hotel, Hollywood; and many more. 

Zion Fyah has released several disc recordings including the song 'Baltimore' featuring the legendary Glen DaCosta of Bob Marley and the Wailers, 'Mariella'  and 'Free-o-lent' both of which were on the Ourstage top ten list for consecutive years. Zion Fyah is also a poet and his book of  poetry "Seven Songs of Freedom" is available on Amazon.

The music is a blend of middle-eastern, afro-cuban, folk, roots, reggae- it is original and poetic. This group's live performances are always exciting and enchanting. 

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/zionfyah

Here's what the press says:

"Zion Fyah might be what you get when you blend Bob Marley and Cat Stevens into one man with a heart on fire. Zion Fyah is a reggae troubadour with a serious social conscience. Lyrics full of reflections of Babylon and beyond are paired up with acoustic guitar elegance.

It’s the voice that takes centre stage though: compelling and soulful but always strewn with a fine layer of sand that you won’t want to brush away."

-Lorena Dexter, writer and former world music columnist for Exclaim! magazine

"There is also a group of musicians on stage whose performances on traditional Persian instruments are thrilling. Zion Fyah sings a gorgeous version of the title song, accompanying himself on guitar... "

Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays Theatre Review, Volume 141, March 2016

Here is a sample of ZF performing live at the Anaheim House of Blues